e-mail: vmarcucci@gusd.net

The following lists your assignments,  You must use your GUSD email address:
       stu.gusd last 4 digits of your id @gusd.net
   password before you have to reset is:  gusd 6 numbers of your student id.
If this doesn´t work,  See Mrs. Lockhart in the main office.  
Thank you,
Período 1,  classroom.google, Class code to join is: bvwsjcu
Período 2,  classroom.google Class code to join is: sgckvhp
Período 5,   classroom.google  Class code to join is: myxftk9
Período 6, classroom.google    Class code to join is:  u9w3x87
Período 7,  classroom.google  Class code to join is: luzyitf
   2 Report folders with 3 prongs      
   Dry erase marker and eraser
   colored pencils
    Spanish binder with 6 dividers
Spanish Binder
       all papers need to be dated and organized in chronological order from oldest to most recent.    Flashcards can be in ziploc bags, in metal rings hooked to your binder.  You must have the current cards for this chapter and from 2 other past chapters.  
      No papers should fall out when I turn your binder upside down. 

Homework policy: It is due at the beginning of class.  Unexcused late h.w. is not accepted.  

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Last Modified on August 18, 2016