• Parking Policy


    Student parking spaces are available for student use on the lower field parking lot only. Parking in the student lot is at the student’s own risk. For the safety of our students and courtesy to our neighbors, NO street parking is allowed. Clark Magnet High School and the Glendale Unified School District do not assume any responsibility for vandalism, theft, damage or loss.
    For the 2016-17 school year, students will need to obtain the Request for a Clark Magnet High School Parking Permit form (available here or in the main office). This also applies to all students who drove last year, even if they will drive the same vehicle(s). Student and parent are required to date and sign the form. Once we have the completed form, we will issue your student the parking permit that needs to be visible in the front windshield while parked ONLY IN THE STUDENT LOT. NOTICE: IF ANY STUDENT DRIVERS ARE BEING RECKLESS, SPEEDING, OR CAUSING A TRAFFIC HAZARD OF ANY KIND THE POLICE WILL BE CALLED AND THEY COULD BE CITED AND/OR FINED IN ADDITION TO RECEIVING CLARK'S DISCIPLINARY CONSEQUENCES.